Uber Driver in Nashville Are Using Breathalyzer During Ride

An Uber passenger recorded a bizarre moment of his Uber driver whipping out a breathalyzer and blew into the device during the ride. However, Uber said the situation is different from what it looked like. From a video that the passenger recorded, the Uber driver is seen waving around a breathalyzer device on his right hand while driving down the street.

Kyle who is the passenger told TMZ that he noticed a beeping noise in the car suddenly. The Uber driver told him that it was a safety feature in the car that caused the noise. The driver then reached under his seat for a breathalyzer. The driver blew into it and he continued driving.

Uber Driver Uses Breathalyzer During Ride in Nashville
Uber Driver Uses Breathalyzer During Ride in Nashville

The Uber driver said he had just put in the breathalyzer on that day and he had not perfected it. The passenger requested for a refund by reporting the incident to Uber. Uber responded to him with a message that said he has been credited $5 into his account so he can have a better experience on his next ride.

It did not seem like a good response from Uber finding out their driver was possibly driving under the influence that needed him to blow into a breathalyzer intermittently to keep the car running. An Uber representative said that the Uber driver was using his relative’s car since his car was being repaired. Uber said that the breathalyzer belonged to the driver’s relative.

The Uber driver was not disciplined since he had registered the vehicle as a secondary car on his Uber account. However, according to the ridesharing app policy, you cannot be an Uber driver if you have been convicted of driving under influence within the last 7 years. Uber company says they conduct background checks and driving history to make sure the drivers meet the required safety standards.

Earlier in April, a Louisville Uber driver had shared safety tips after a tragic incidence in South Carolina. Leon Melton said that as an Uber driver, you never know the passenger you are going to pick up and where they are going. Melton urged riders to take some steps to protect themselves when catching an Uber especially from an incident that happened in South Carolina. A student was kidnapped and murdered by a driver who she thought was an Uber driver but was not.

Leon Melton has completed more than 6,000 trips as an Uber driver in Louisville
Leon Melton has completed more than 6,000 trips as an Uber driver in Louisville

Each time users take an Uber trip, they should make sure they are getting into the right vehicle with the right driver by completing 3 safety pick up steps in the Uber app. Match the license number plate, match the car make and model, and check the driver’s photo.
Uber also pointed out that the app has a safety tool kit with an emergency button where customers can dial 911 in case of an emergency or if they feel unsafe when traveling with an Uber.

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