Travelers at BNA Take Extra Precautions Against Coronavirus

With the spread of coronavirus, officials at the Nashville International Airport are standing by, ready to implement changes to its operations if necessary.

Meanwhile, travelers at BNA are taking extra precautions.

For 80-year-old Patricia Wolheter and 95-year-old George Normoyle, what was supposed to be a relaxing trip has been overshadowed by the deadly coronavirus.

“We just got off of a cruise ship in Fort Lauderdale,” said Wolheter. “We were ready to go and then this burst on the scene. So many people on the ship, and so many people on the flights – I can’t believe how many people are sneezing out into the air.”

Their defense – face masks.

“We bought a stack of them to get through the planes, because we still have got two more flights to go before we go home,” said Wolheter.

The couple, like so many other travelers, are taking the fight against the virus literally into their own hands.

According to the CDC, the virus that causes Covid-19 can possibly spread by touching a surface that has the virus on it, and then touching your mouth, nose, or eyes.

Flyers used antibacterial wipes to clean hands, luggage, and any surface that comes into contact.

“Sanitizers – I wipe down the seats even before I sit down on it,” said Tina McNeal.

Others weren’t so worried.

“I think it’s blown out of proportion,” said Ric Mackie.

For Wolheter and Normoyle, the extra precautions are necessary.

Their next stop is Knoxville to see their daughter and then back home to Seattle.

Monday alone, Washington State authorities reported several coronavirus deaths.

“They’re saying don’t panic, but be prepared,” said Wolheter. “Well what does that mean?”

That question, yet to be answered.

But the couple isn’t taking any second chances.

“Because of our ages, 95 and 80, we won’t be doing any more traveling until this has calmed down,” said Wolheter. “We’ve already talked about that. Get home, get secured, and take care of ourselves,” said Wolheter.

In a statement to News 2, BNA officials said the airport continues normal operations while keeping in regular contact with the CDC, FAA, TSA, CBP, and medical professionals and industry organizations. It added, “it stands ready to implement any operational changes as directed by authorities.”

Airport officials also encouraged travelers to help with prevention, directing the public to the Center for Disease Control (CDC)’s website and informational page.

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