Nashville Airport Announces Nine New Nonstop Flight Destinations

Nashville International Airport recently announced that Allegiant Air will be adding nine new destination cities for nonstop flights with fares starting as low as $44.

In an interview with Fox 17 Nashville, BNA President and CEO Doug Kreulen said, “Allegiant continues to increase its air service options to and from Nashville and we appreciate their commitment to this market. These additional flight options help keep air fares competitive, serve the increasing travel needs of this region and keep us one of the fastest growing airports in the country.”

The new destinations being added by Allegiant Air are as follows:

Beginning May 21, 2020

Bozeman, Montana (BZN): one-way fares starting at $66.
Sioux Falls, South Dakota (FSD): one-way fares starting at $55.
Beginning May 22, 2020

Norfolk, Virginia (ORF): one-way fares starting at $44.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PIT): one-way fares starting at $44
Beginning June 4, 2020

Peoria, Illinois (PIA): one-way fares starting at $44
Tulsa, Oklahoma (TUL): one-way fares starting at $44
Fargo, North Dakota (FAR): one-way fares starting at $55
Beginning June 5, 2020

Flint, Michigan (FNT): one-way fares starting at $55
Greensboro, North Carolina (GSO) one-way fares starting at $44
Allegiant Airlines also announced that they will construct a new base of operations at Nashville International Airport, which will house two Airbus aircraft and hopes to be operational in February of this year.

The new addition represents a $50 million investment and promises to generate at least 66 jobs.

Allegiant has announced plans to immediately begin hiring pilots, flight attendants and other personnel.

Source: ClarksvilleNOW

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