How We Consistently Made $500-$700 in Just 2 Days per Week as an Uber Driver

The excerpts in this article are meant to serve as an unbiased account of our 3 years of driving from January 2017 to January 2020. While we understand that there are thousands of drivers who have certainly accumulated more driving experience than us, we believe that our insight will provide some sort of use for those who rely on rideshare driving as a form of income, which is further explained in the chapter, How We Consistently Made $500-$700 in Just 2 Days per Week as an Uber Driver. Before diving into said chapters, it’s important for you to note several of the following:

The $500-$700 weekly earnings is before taxes, gas, maintenance and other miscellaneous expenses, and these factors will obviously vary from driver to driver.

The Uber and Lyft market is constantly fluctuating, as it is inherently dependent on the basic concept of supply (drivers) and demand (passengers).

The money that you earn as a driver is largely based on the city that you drive in. It’s not difficult to understand that a driver will earn more money if they drive in a large city like Nashville, Tennessee versus a small town like Bowling Green, Kentucky. In other words, low population = low demand = low earnings. That being said, drivers in smaller markets are still able to earn a suitable income, but it may not be as high as $500-$700 per week.

While we don’t doubt the horror stories that other drivers and passengers have had the pleasure of experiencing, we were personally never involved in any altercations, nor have we ever felt threatened with our life during any time as an Uber and Lyft driver. However, it’s common sense to exercise your best judgement and be cautious of everyone who sets foot in your vehicle.

Some of the tips will contain screenshots of the Uber app and number-crunching elements, aka math. These mathematical expressions are derived from our driving experiences in both Bowling Green, Kentucky and Nashville, Tennessee.

Driving for Uber and Lyft was both a blessing and a curse for us. In a world that is now driven by technology, we think we should all express at least some sort of gratitude towards the ridesharing services. Uber and Lyft has certainly defined a new era of transportation for both passengers and drivers, and it couldn’t be easier to become a driver. No formal job applications, job interviews or dress codes are required either, unlike other “normal” jobs. All you need are some basic components, such as a clean driving record, a driver’s license, a smartphone, a 2004 or newer car and to be over 21 years old. You also don’t become “trained” to be an Uber or Lyft driver, as both companies tend to throw their newborn drivers into the jungle and say, “Figure it out on your own.” In other words, natural selection seems to determine which drivers will stick around and which ones will falter.

While it’s incredibly easy to become a driver for both Uber and Lyft (and yes, you can drive for both companies simultaneously), it’s also an easy cycle to get stuck into, especially if you’re dependent on the income. Similar to social media “likes” or receiving tips as a server, rideshare services provides instant gratification for drivers. You can “pay out” instantly through the smartphone app or wait one week for the funds to transfer to your account. You also have the potential to earn more money through bonuses, as well as tips through the app. The hours are also flexible and there are no minimum or maximum amount of hours or driving trips to commit to.

It’s the next best thing to working from home, but this lifestyle is certainly not for everyone. Some drivers love it and some absolutely loathe it. While our feelings are a little more mixed, we’ll share our stories, earnings and methods that we used to make money and maintain our sanity during those strenuous driving days. Continue to read some of our Uber and Lyft monetization methods and confessions…

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