CEO Responds After Nashville NYE Party Many are Calling ‘fyre Fest 2.0’

It was advertised as an upscale New Year’s Eve party in Nashville.

But partygoers say otherwise, calling “Gatsby’s House” at the Omni Hotel a party of lies and lines.

Now, many on Facebook are demanding a refund, saying this third party company, V.I.P. Nightlife, dropped the ball on the last day of 2019.

Amber Pilkinton says it was the “Fyre Fest” of New Year’s Eve.

“We didn’t get a single thing we were promised,” said Pilkinton.

V.I.P. Nightlife’s 20’s themed party was her first regret of 2020.

“It’s New Year’s Eve. You want to go to the bar that’s what your package includes and we didn’t get a single drink there​​,” she said. “It was just kind of a madhouse.”

Amber says she paid and got played, with tickets costing partygoers $140 and up.

“We had some friends who thought maybe we’ll join you. We looked at tickets and they were up to $400 apiece a day before the event,” said Pinkerton.

Many, like Parker Bohn, telling News 2 they never received what was promised.

“I purchased the VIP ticket so it said we’d get top-shelf alcohol, special VIP room. This whole thing and none of that was delivered,” said Bohn.

One thing the event did have is lines and lots of them.

“The lines were out of control,” said Bohn.

Both ladies said they waited in line for 45 minutes.

“Finally got to the front and the bartender said where are your drink tickets and we said we never got drink tickets.”

Many took to a Facebook group voicing their concerns, saying there weren’t enough bartenders.

News 2 spoke with Luke Wryder, C.E.O. of V.I.P. Nightlife, the host of the party. He said he hired 25 bartenders for 2500 people. He’s taking full responsibility and customer service is documenting all complaints.

“I wanna fix this as soon as possible. I want people to enjoy their 2020. My job is to have people have fun and it hurts me to see people were upset in Nashville,” said Wryder.

VIP Nightlife also sent us this statement:

“We did not run the bars or the food service for VIPs only. Omni Nashville did. We are not responsible for their slow and inefficient service. Our contract for this service was with Omni Nashville for the food and serving of the alcohol. It was not VIP Nightlife’s food or service. We booked the DJs, check-in staff, and hired the production. It is disappointing that the Omni Nashville is not honoring our partnership and our contracted agreement with this ‘prestigous Hotel.’ We work serveral other Omni Hotels and have had excellent service.”

The Omni Nashville Hotel released a statement:

“As with all hotels, Omni Nashville provides rooms and meeting spaces for group clients of all shapes and sizes. Although the group in question was fully vetted prior to signing a contract, we are extremely disappointed in the unexpected experience they provided to all guests local and national who attended, especially during a celebratory event. While the party took place at our hotel, this event was not sponsored by Omni Nashville and it did not meet the standards that we hold and have held for countless events with third party vendors in the past. As one of the premier locations in downtown Nashville, this is not how we’d envisioned the evening going and as a result, we will no longer conduct business with VIP Nightlife. Those seeking a refund should reach out to their organization directly.”

V.I.P. Nightlife says they will be providing partial refunds based on experiences.

If you or someone you know feels they were wronged, email

The company hosted 40 New Year’s Eve events across the country and Nashville is the only place they’re receiving complaints.

Source: WKRN

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