Bowling Green Continues to Grow with Expansions

Bowling Green continues to grow and expand with new business popping up and established businesses expanding.

Some business expansions include Lost River Pizza, Hobby Lobby, and the Kroger on Scottsville road.

“We have been so very blessed in bowling green we have been the fastest-growing community in Kentucky since 20-11 and just last year we were identified as the best place to live in Kentucky by the time and its been a very balanced growth which is awesome,” said Ron Bunch, CEO and President of Bowling Green Chamber of Commerce.

With these expansions come new job opportunities in the community.

“We created a bunch of new jobs for our associates and a ton of new experience for our customers to have more variety and options. So we are currently under construction so bear with us through this time we have a lot more to go to get our groceries isles widened,” said Share Murphy, Assistant Store Manager.

The Kroger expansion alone has created 30 new jobs in the Bowling Green community.

Source: WBKO

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