Bowling Green Businesses Make Valentine’s Day a Sweet One

With less than 48 hours until Valentine’s Day, some people may be rushing to take lat minute purchases, while behind the scenes several Bowling Green businesses are working hard to get things ready.

Jules Sandlin says she’s working sunrise to sunset preparing orders for her first Valentine’s Day in her brand new shop, Jules with the Flowers.

“[This is] an arrangement for a gentleman that called yesterday for his girlfriend and he literally asked me to look at her Instagram,” said Sandlin. “He was like, ‘She just likes these colors will you look at her Instagram’ and I saw and I was like, ‘Yeah, I got you.'”

As a one-woman team for the past two years, Sandlin quickly outgrew working from home and in October opened her shop on Broadway Avenue.

“These toffee roses that I’m using right now are super, super trendy,” said Sandlin. “They are gorgeous I mean they are so, so, so different.”

With help from her mom and her cat Willow, this year she’s already ordered 500 roses.

“We already are pretty much booked all the way for delivery orders, we will have walk-in available,” said Sandlin. “I would say that the majority of my hard, hard labor is going to be Thursday.”

With flowers checked off the list next up are chocolates, and in Bowling Green, those at Mary Jane’s Chocolates have had their eyes on Valentine’s Day since after Christmas.

“We have probably more variety than ever before, we can meet everybody’s needs whether they like dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, nuts, no nuts, even sugar-free chocolates, we have something for everyone,” said Gary Meszaros, Owner of Mary Jane’s Chocolates.

No matter the reason for buying a gift Valentine’s Day is all about the love shared with others.

“It’s not all romantic gifts, you know, it’s dads sending flowers to their daughter, flowers from kids to their mom,” said Sandlin.

Mary Jane’s Chocolates is open from 10 am-6 pm Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Source: WBKO

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