As a group of believers who love Jesus, we built this small business with the heart of helping local communities. Our passion is to provide non-tech-savvy folks with a simple rideshare solution that is easy to understand and use, all at an affordable price.

We’re passionate about sharing the love of God through our small business. We’re living a fulfilling life by the grace of God and we strongly trust in His faithful love and in His caring nature as the loving God.

Diane Cary, Co-owner

Uber Bowling Green to Nashville Tenessee Rate
Aber is a better choice for long distance rideshare rides

Aber Rideshare VS Uber Technologies

Do you know that Aber can save almost 35% compared to UberX on your next long distance rideshare ride? According to Uber, you will need to pay $137.42 for their ride-hailing service if you ride with Uber from Bowling Green to Nashville airport. With Aber, you only need to pay $95! That's 45% cheaper: you save $42.42 in your pocket.

Bowling Green to Nashville Airport 30% SAVE
Bowling Green to Louisville KY 30% SAVE
Bowling Green to Lexington KY 35% SAVE
Lyft Bowling Green to Nashville Airport Rate
Aber works better for riders that live outside city limits


Lyft is an economical ride-hailing service for city slickers, but when it comes to long distance rides Aber offers a better value. According to Lyft, you will need to pay somewhere between $142 and $154 if you ride with Lyft from Bowling Green to Nashville airport, not to mention if you live a remote area. With Aber, you only need to pay $95! That's almost 40% cheaper: you keep up to $59 in your wallet.

Bowling Green to Nashville Airport 40% SAVE
Bowling Green to Louisville KY 35% SAVE
Bowling Green to Lexington KY 40% SAVE
Why You Should Choose Aber

We're a Family-Owned Business

Aber only works with select Uber and Lyft drivers who are simply awesome! In addition to following all of rideshare community guidelines, all our drivers will provide you the best rider experience, ever!

  • All Aber vehicles are fully inspected by Uber and Lyft every year
  • All Aber drivers are top-rated Uber and Lyft drivers
  • All Aber drivers have passed Kentucky defensive driving course that centers around collision prevention and safe driving habits

My boyfriend and I always enjoy riding with Aber when we hang out with our friends in downtime Nashville. The drivers are always super sweet and smiling. They made us feel that Nashville is only minutes away from Bowling Green!

Lissa M

Bowling Green, KY

I go to WKU and each time my girlfriend and I go to watch Tennessee Titans games, Aber is always there for us. Let’s grab some drinks, have fun and chill out. Life is great!

Michael C

Nashville, TN

My husband and I absolutely love this ride-hailing service! We travel often and Aber always drops us off at the Nashville airport on time. Their service made us feel that our vacation literally starts from the second when we hop in their vehicles!

Beverly R

Bowling Green, KY
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$95 to Nashville

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